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Articles/editorials that explain some of the deeper regions of fandom and some of the more confusing/culture-heavy aspects of the anime/manga/gamer/comic etc. genre. Opinions are rampant, but the main purpose is to educate. Particularly beneficial to those interested in anime/manga/games etc. who don't quite understand why shoujo comics have too many roses or why Gundam fanfiction is intensely adult. For veterans and newbies alike; for those new to Japanese animation/comics and whatnot, go here for an introduction.

All pages stay mostly within PG-13 area, although do discuss some of the more adult aspects of titles and fandom and such, so read with caution. ALWAYS surf from posted links with caution, though writers try to provide some sort of warning if a link leads to particularly adult material.

These articles tread in some very adult concepts, though please keep in mind that opinions given don't necessarily reflect the values or beliefs of the writer, nor do all writers hold the same values or beliefs by any means. Discussing adult topics or linking to adult topics does not necessarily condone such adult topics.

After being active members in the anime/manga/gamer/comic communities for many years, the staff of Sleep is for the Weak probably knows more of the nitty gritty details than many hardcore fans (Lianne has sat with the CEO of Tokyopop and discussed anime and manga for hours, Bad Jew was at one point receiving hundreds of e-mails a week from all his mailing lists, etc.). Since it took them a great long time to find out the things they currently know, and since a lot of their experimentation resulted in accidentally buying pornographic manga, they wish to educate fans and would-be fans so the fan experience can be more pleasant and efficient overall. These articles can also give insight to the subculture that seems to be absorbing at least one member per family.

After thinking out possible uses for said manga porn, the staff came to the collective conclusion of "kindling."

Why Can't Female Leads Be Happy Without a Boyfriend?

Boys' Comics vs Girls' Comics in Japan

The many differences between shounen and shoujo

Article by Lianne

Shounen (boys' comics) and shoujo (girls' comics) in Japan are two very, very different genres. In our male-directed (yet coed) comic market in The West, it can sometimes be hard for us to understand just exactly what marks a "boys" comic in Japan as opposed to what marks a "girls" comic. This article provides an in-depth look at some of the differing characteristics of shounen and shoujo, from art style to character relationships to just who gets naked and why.

As one of about 3 non-yaoi (non boy/boy) fans on a large Gundam Wing mailing list, and as a young man who has a tendency to be surrounded by girls with overactive imaginations, Bad Jew is certainly qualified to talk about those who don't go for the "fan alterations" of an all-male anime cast. Read here about the romantic twisting fans perform on their favorite shows, using Gundam Wing (one of the most famously tweaked) as the specimen. Rated R.

Ohh Sweet Lordy, the Body Just Can't Bend Like That

Fanrape in Fanfiction

Tales from a boy inside a fangirls' world

Article by Bad Jew

How I Lost My Life Savings

Bad Jew's Otakon 2002 Report

The view with an Industry badge

Article by Bad Jew

Since Otakon 2002 was the first convention for the Sleep is for the Weak staff, and since Otakon 2002 was an absurdly fantastic anime convention, and since nearly all the staff of Sleep is for the Weak was working the con and therefore got nifty perks for doing so, there are many stories to be told. Here is Bad Jew's, opera singing escapade and all.

If you're broke but still need anime frequently to avoid getting "the shakes," Bat Jew's made an excellent guide to getting cheap, fansubtitled, unlicensed anime. Includes an IRC tutorial, which is something all of us with IQ's lower than 270 need to start out with.

And yes, if we're not careful Bad Jew will write all of our articles.

Are You Saying I Don't Deserve Free Stuff?

A Guide to Getting Cheap Anime

Fansubs and digisubs and other examples of why the otaku community is cooler than all others

Article by Bad Jew

Sanji Apron Cosplayer, Why Do You Mock Me So?

Lianne's Otakon 2002 Report

The view with a Guest badge

Article by Lianne

Because of Lianne's published Sailor Moon works, she was a guest at Otakon 2002 and got to hang out with important people in the anime industry (such as the staff of Megatokyo). Writhe with jealousy when you hear of her adventures, and for the love of God, help her find the Sanji Apron Cosplayer. Currently hosted on liannesentar.com.

Now you too can speak like a geek! Because of the amount of genre lingo we use all over this site, NotHayama helps cross-genre understanding by having constructed this fantastically huge glossary to rival any other on the net. Don't know what a console gamer is as opposed to a tabletop gamer? Confused about AU and OOC splashed all over fanfics? Read, child, read!

Study, Study, Study, Study ...

An Anime/Manga/Gamer/Comic Glossary

A monstrous list that will define all the nerd lingo you'll never find in a dictionary

Article by NotHayama

Oh God--Christmas is Tomorrow?

The Annual Anime/Manga Shopping Guide

Help with anime/manga purchasing, because it happens to a lot of otaku

Article by Bad Jew and Lianne

NOW ANNUAL (see the cleverly-changed title). Although posted during the holiday season, this list can apply any time of the year to the dropping of hard-earned cash on Japanese goods. Written because it was requested--further proof you should e-mail the staff with feedback and requests because we are like slaves to you.

For anime and manga, angst is a required element--every show that features a bishounen will at some point have him standing sadly in the rain. What often gets overlooked are those few Western cartoons and comics that are shoujo at their cores. Wanna angst? Wanna read.

I Can Cry If I Want To

American Angst

Comic and cartoon sources of woe in the West

Article by Bad Jew

If You Can Both Eat And Sleep, You Know You're Good

Otakon 2003 Report

You should be able to guess the content of this article without a description

Article by Bad Jew

Otakon 2003 was experienced by most of the staff, but Bad Jew wrote up the con report that pretty much represents us all (except for Amethist, who had her own crazy adventures with T.M. Revolution). And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that the rest of us don't want to write.

Although Lianne and NotHayama read (and enjoy) shoujo regularly, they've noticed a surprising lack of commentary regarding some of the newer, more dangerous shoujo titles that have hit American shores. Do you realize how many people actually find nothing wrong with the abusive love story in Hot Gimmick? Read and comment; there's a forum thread linked to the bottom of this one.

She Was Asking For It

The Dangers of Shoujo

Themes of some of the new-to-America "older shoujo" manga titles that need to be discussed

Article by Lianne and NotHayama

More articles coming--yeah!