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Links to other anime/manga/gamer/comic etc. websites of note. Title-specific sites are linked from Reviews, Pages, and so forth--links listed here are more general. For veterans and newbies alike; for those new to Japanese animation/comics and whatnot, go here for an introduction.

ALWAYS surf from posted links with caution, though this site will try to provide some sort of warning if a link leads to particularly adult material.

These sites may tread in some very adult concepts, though please keep in mind that opinions given don't necessarily reflect the values or beliefs of the maintainers of this site, nor do all maintainers of this site hold the same values or beliefs by any means. Discussing adult topics or linking to adult topics does not necessarily condone such adult topics.

It's not just you--we also waste much of our precious time surfing the Internet for fun and/or "educational" sites relating to animation and comic books and whatnot. If you're sick of surfing around here, well, yes, you may leave, but you'll miss us, mark our words! Oh, and come back for our frequent updates; current update schedule is listed on top of Sleep is for the Weak's main page. We update often, oh yes we do.

Just ... just go. Just leave. LEAVE! *turns away quickly and wipes tear from eye*

Sleep is for the Weak

You wanna link to us, do ya? We give you our thanks, gift certificates to numerous high-priced boutiques free of charge*, and a wide variety of deliciously simple banners/buttons in all the colors of the rainbow so you may keep the color coordination on your respective sites. We think of these things, yes we do. And for any of you who care not about the color and actually know which color corresponds to which staff member, then now's the time to play favorites, baby. (I recommend the green ones, completely unbiased.*)


Well, if we didn't already link to them enough, here they are again. Lianne has been a very happy freelancer for them for three years now, and after working the Tokyopop booth at Otakon 2002, Amethist, Bad Jew, and NotHayama still have their Tokyopop t-shirts to show off to jealous otaku (Japanese animation fans). Besides the job connection, though, Tokyopop is the coolest Japanese comic translator/distributor out there, because they're darn fast, darn cheap, and have darn good series. While we can't approve of all of Tokyopop's titles (CLAMP! NO, NOT THE CLAMP!), we love a great deal of them. And Tokyopop's CEO, Stu Levy, is one of the coolest men ever. So big hugs to this company.


Not only is this a great online store for anime, comics, Asian snacks, and anime-related junk, the Anime News section and Ask John are absolutely invaluable resources. There are members of the Sleep is for the Weak staff who visit this site every few days--religiously. Go see, go see.

If you read fanfiction and haven't been here, have your head checked. This is the place to read fics based on anything from anime to movies to books. It's often down because of site problems, but you get used to that, and it's a small price to pay for such delicious time-wasting fare.

The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés

As the page says at its top, spoilers abound, but if you can get past that aspect then do so. This is not only insanely funny, its uncannily accurate.

Ever see a computer-savvy otaku make a music video with anime clips set to popular music? Ok, ever see about TEN BILLION of these music videos together on one site? Right. Hurry along, now, there's downloading to be done.

Dual Delusions (Links Page)

Scroll down a touch and you will see a huge link list to all sorts of webcomics, and little descriptions of each comic to boot. You can discover some great stuff on here. Updated link as addressed was changed.

Anime Intro Archive

See some of the anime on the air right now in Japan, and download commercials, clips, and videos of theme songs! Great stuff!

Anime News Network

Another anime news source (yes, there are quite a few of them). This is definitely one of the more primary and detailed ones.

Ninja Burger

Ninja Burger. Yeah.


This is, at its basest level, an online anime store based in Japan, but once you've surfed their news sections and manga highlights you'll realize what a great resource it is--in addition to selling the Region 2 One Piece DVDs as they come out, helping us, uh, I mean helping you track their release in Japan to judge just how long it'll be before the Alabasta arc hits our shores., home of Peter Anspach's Evil Overlord List

If you haven't had any contact with this list yet, HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME. And then go read it.

The Things I Will Do If I Am Ever The Hero

After that Evil Overlord List, be sure to read this one to see the other side of the cliché coin.

*=Yeah, um ... working on that lying thing. Honest.

More links will be posted in the future. Keep your pants on, bucko.