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Special features dedicated to aspects of the anime/manga/gamer/comic etc. genre of particular note. May include in-depth fanpages to obscure manga and anime, foci on particular companies or studios, features on magazines and/or foods from Asia, and the Old Men Are Awesome page. For veterans and newbies alike; for those new to Japanese animation/comics and whatnot, go here for an introduction. Lengths range anywhere from quick reads to hours of material. Often presented on unique layouts.

All pages stay mostly within PG-13 area, although do discuss some of the more adult aspects of titles and fandom and such, so read with caution. ALWAYS surf from posted links with caution, though page maintainers try to provide some sort of warning if a link leads to particularly adult material.

Subjectivity is abound, though please keep in mind that opinions given don't necessarily reflect the values or beliefs of the site creators, nor do all site creators hold the same values or beliefs by any means. Discussing adult topics or linking to adult topics does not necessarily condone such adult topics.

As if the Internet wasn't already running out of space for this kind of thing, Sleep is for the Weak brings you an entire set of pages dedicated to the obscure, the underdone, and the worthy of note. There will be no Dragonball informational site nor dedication to Akira here, oh no. Some of this stuff *cough*sonotewodokero*cough* is so Not in the West that we would honestly be surprised if you had heard of it before visiting Sleep is for the Weak. If the material being focused on is not new or unusual, the method of focus and/or the page itself will be. Come bask in deliciously time-wasting fan bliss.

And yes, we're aware that "stuffs" is not a word.

And Thus the Quadrilateral Came, and Thus the World was Destroyed

The Gainax Cult

Site dedicated to the animation studio Gainax

Page by Bad Jew

If you fall asleep to Neon Genesis Evangelion on a daily basis, fansubbed Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou with moving subtitles, and have memorized (and understand) all the Japanese puns in FLCL, perhaps you're worthy of entering this page. Perhaps. Studio Gainax, the animation studio to bring you these and other over-the-top Japanese animation titles, is run by self-proclaimed dorks who plan on world domination. See the fanpage created with the same mindset.

A fairly-recent Japanese comic with minuscule recognition in the West, Sono Te Wo Dokero (English title: Off Your Hand!) is an excellent manga that proves not all girls comics feature crappy love stories and an excess of roses. Hana ga Saku features information, pictures, translations, and more, and is the largest English Sono Te site on the net. Currently hosted on

Hana Ga Saku...

Sono Te Wo Dokero/Off Your Hand!

Extensive manga (Japanese comic) informational/fan site

Page by Lianne

Winners, Losers, and the Guy Who Can Turn Any Car Into the Pink Batmobile

Sleep is for the Weak Anime and Manga Awards

Awards for all those qualities no one thought of awarding

Page by NotHayama, Bad Jew, and Lianne

Just read this; it's funny. Now updated randomly.

More coming, most notably the Old Man Page, and soon. Mwuhaha.